Box + Packing Material

Are you on a Shopping Safari with us? Did you shop up a storm and will need another check in bag to get your goodies home? Well, thank goodness we have you covered!

Includes 1x Carton (box) | Packing material to wrap your goods | Packing tape.

“Box Pack Only” is suitable for guests who wish to pack their own goods.

Here’s how it works:

First of all, make sure you can add a CHECK IN bag to your flight home. Some airlines allow you to add an extra bag online. Otherwise you can do it at the airport when you are checking in for your departing flight.

1. LET YOUR SAFARI GUIDE KNOW / Tell your Day Safari guide that you’ll need to purchase a Box Pack. It’s best to do this near the end of your Day Safari while you are still on board. Some guests find they need more than one!

2. PAY / Once you know how many boxes you need, make payment here.

3. RECEIVE IT / Your Day Safari guide will arrange your “Box Pack”. If he has a pack in the vehicle you can take it with you at the end of your Day Safari. Otherwise, it will be dropped to your hotel/villa at a convenient time.

Dimensions of Carton
L x W x H
CUBIC: 0.09m3

Price is AUD per box.

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"Trip was soooooo good! Thanks to you both for everything! Hey, the box situation is the way to go! We got them shrink wrapped! If only I had bought that pendant light!" - Sally

"I checked my carton in with Virgin and it only cost $65. I fit so much shopping in! So happy!" - Nic