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 Kim Soo is certainly a crowd stopper and crowd pleaser. Situated on the outer edge of the Seminyak shopping triangle, this space could easily be picked up and dropped in any up market Western shopping precinct. And just when you think the space couldn’t get any better, Kim Soo has an adjoining café and tree shaded sitting area which you could easily laze your day away in.

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Interior love

Kim Soo

Photo Credit (above) - Kim Soo Home

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Shop + Relax

Kim Soo Seminyak

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I digress, back to the shopping! Kim Soo sources products from across the wider Indonesian islands as well as designing and manufacturing its own unique pieces in it’s iconic monochromatic tones; black, white and natural white. Wood, metal, textiles, stone, grass and paper take centre stage and are thoughtfully styled within the old dutch colonial building.


Plunge Pool

Kim Soo Seminyak

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Kim Soo has quickly gathered a global portfolio of International clientele, shipping its rare and beautiful products throughout Europe, South East Asia, The Middle East, The Americas and New Zealand and has more recently opened a store in Melbourne, Australia.

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See you soon!

Kim Soo Seminyak

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It’s stylish, decorative and spirited. It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit ethnic, classic and contemporary ( and without question, it is one of Sourced Bali’s favourite shopping destinations when we visit Seminyak and it is a feature on every tour!